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Faith & Reason Ministries

Reconciling Christianity with Accepted Science

The Sombrero Galaxy

This ministry accepts modern science (including biological evolution and the Big Bang), a valuable, yet non-perfect Bible, and a Jesus of history, divine.

Key Beliefs of Faith & Reason Ministries

In our world today there is a great need to reconcile scientific and historic facts with Christianity. We live in a society which is greatly influenced by science and technology. Home computers, VCRs, CDs, video cameras, hand calculators, and other sophisticated electronic equipment permeate our environment.

We are influenced by such programming as Carl Sagan's "COSMOS" and David Attenborough's "Life on Earth." And science fiction often tells us a spiritual message, such as "2010: The Year We Made Contact," "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier," and "Star Wars."

But how has the Church been developing at the same time? Well it is unfortunate but much of the Church has been slow to embrace advances in science (including Darwin) and theistic evolution.

As far as this ministry is concerned, Jesus comes before the Bible. The Bible does not come before Jesus; although the Bible is a great work and should remain a pillar of strength for the Church which it has always been. However, inerrancy and creation science (young Earth creationism, old Earth creationism, intelligent design theory) are not accepted due to the overwhelming scientific evidence against them.

Rather, this scientific evidence shows us a universe of billions of galaxies, billions of light years in diameter, and billions of years old. Yes, as Carl Sagan would have said, "billions and billions." The Earth is exactly as scientists say it is: 4.5 billion years old, with a wide variety of life which has evolved over billions of years. Further, life on other planets is possible.

Faith in Jesus Christ is based, as you would expect, on fact. Jesus is a historical figure, and the record clearly shows Him to be exactly who He claimed to be.

Within the context of our fascinating scientific understanding, the possibilities exist for an even deeper and more meaningful relationship with God and understanding of the universe -- both physical and spiritual (including angels).

Faith & Reason Ministries is nondenominational and tolerant in nature -- embracing all true Christians. God is kind and loving and will always accept us despite our failings as long as we truly desire to follow Him. Salvation is not accomplished by works, but through faith in Jesus Christ. However, God-guided works are important and strengthen one's faith.

See the book Science and Christianity, which has been advertised in such popular science magazines as Discover, Astronomy, The Sciences, and others.

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