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God created the universe with laws (gravity, time, etc.) by which it operates; we are able to understand these laws and make discoveries about past and future events and phenomena, including evolution. Evolution is simply a scientific understanding of our origins. It does not make God unnecessary. However, it may mean we need to reevaluate Him and our place in the universe. Evolution may imply that the universe is bigger and more complex than we at first imagined.

Many Christians, unfortunately, are reluctant to accept modern science. Creationists, rather than accepting the ever increasing mountain of evidence validating evolution, have developed a new tactic: in addition to their religious and creation "science" premise, they now spin complex and sophisticated scientific arguments debunking evolution ("Intelligent Design Theory"). The Kansas Board of Education's 1999 decision removing evolution from their curriculum was a short-lived victory for such a strategy (reversed in 2001).

But is it possible to be a Christian and fully accept modern science, including biological evolution and the Big Bang? Is it possible to be a Christian and accept a valuable, yet non-perfect Bible? Yes!


Human evolution Inerrancy, new and old Earth creationism
Evolution of life elsewhere in the universe Spiritual universe and the fall, plus chaos
Animal intelligence and suffering Deity of Christ and the nature of Christianity
Biomolecular arguments against evolution First saved man

Given by John D. Callahan, president of Faith & Reason Ministries and a Christian since 1974. John is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley (astronomy and physics) and has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His book, Science And Christianity, is available on the Faith & Reason Ministries Web site (free, online version) and through Barns & Noble and
Faith & Reason


Reconciling Christianity with Accepted Science

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