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WHO IS MAN ANYWAY? Most scientists believe we evolved from apes and live in a gigantic universe of 100 billion galaxies; man could be insignificant. Most Christians, on the other hand, believe that God specially created the human race from Adam and Eve; we are very important in the scheme of things. Yet we are evil and need to be redeemed by a Saviour, Jesus Christ.

This free, online book takes a new look at our universe, in light of modern discoveries and age old problems, and answers intriguing questions. The author was a member of the technical staff at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and he has studied science all his life. Yet he was converted to Christianity in 1974 after an intense personal search for truth.

This book will give you new insights and surprises as it discusses: Biblical truths and fallacies, the dimensions and contents of the universe, the Big Bang, the great religious leaders of history, the deity of Jesus, the angels, the fall of Satan, the origins of life on Earth (biological evolution), the probability of life existing elsewhere in the universe, the true meaning of Christianity, and more!

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